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Community update

This community journal is put into Hibernation due to duplication.

Please refer to the Singapore Furs wikifur for the updated list of groups and community journals where we are active. :)

As announced

The said US fur which I announced a few posts ago is on his way to Singapore and will arrive tomorrow at about tomorrow 10pm GMT+8.

WATCH THIS SPACE for more info!

News of The Big Apple

I have got word that an American Fur might be visiting Singapore in about July ~ September.
Just a word out to those who are interested to bring out dear friend around.
His name is Lorenzo with the species of drolfsune.

Watch this space for more updates!

Impromptu Meet with TigerBomb

Event Name: Visitors from Abroad
Fur: TigerBombf
Origin: Malaysia
Venue: Orchard Road
Date: 29th May, Saturday
Time: 11am
Gathering Area: Orchard MRT Station
Organiser: Gale

Looks like this drolf does not check the calender because I have been informed that Tigerbombf is coming to Singapore this week. After much clarification that is done, he is free on Saturday only. Since it is more impromptu, it is only going to be a walkabout and a tour around the most well-known area, Orchard Road.

The usual activites shall be walkabouts, art sketch and if possible, fursuit roaming. So be prepared to bring around our abroad fur-iends around...

post b-day furmeet,and Love & Joy!

hey furs~~

your happy host Kai Auroline here..Just to let you guys know,for those who aren't b-day furs,i need to collect 5.50 from each of those present for contribution to cake and utensils.any other questions,feel free to IM/call/sms me.My number is 91461887 and email is kai_whitewolf@hotmail.com.Pls for my sake don't spam me! :P

And during yesterday's furmeet,i got to see this Love and Joy dance thingy which krado showed a majority of us,and just getting a mirrored version from Krado this morning,i'm actually feeling quite keen on gathering a few interested furs into doing the dance just to let the other furs around the place know that Singapore isn't as dead as it is..I'll be leaving the link for the mirrored dance here,so..plz comment back and let me know who's keen on it!

As for criteria,you need not have any dance history though it'd be much appreciated..but i need enthusiastic and sporting furs for this one cause the dance is Para Para style,which means although its not so tough as hip hop,i need people who are lively and love to have fun,so...all those furs in SG,get your dancing shoes(or gloves)on,and start practising!


~Edit done on 19th Apr,2000hrs~

I just got back from a lively dance practise with Micky and Vee,my first 2 partners in crime for this dance stunt~!!!

And guess what guys...We've nailed the chorus part,and the intermission part before verse..Verse and other parts still in a bit of work,but i'm fairly confident that if i didn't have school,and if i had various medias with me..I could get this dance down in a SINGLE day.

Therefore...2 more furs,i repeat...2 more furs!Plz join in!!!

~lively wuffers from Kai Auroline

Late March, April, Early May Birthday Meet

Event Name: Late March, April, Early May Birthday Meet
Venue: Suntec City
Date: 17th April, Saturday
Time: 7pm
Gathering Area: Toys 'R' Us in Suntec City
Organiser: Kai Auroline

Looks like we have missed out a lot of people during this month, so Kai has decided to make up for the loss by throwing a birthday celebration to the 6 furs inlate March, the month of April and early May. You guys know who you are so there should be no need of birthday furs announcement. :3

We still need attendance to confirm the budget so please comment on this here post. If you want to offer any help or donations, please contact Kai. Always remember, being present is present itself.

I don't need to repeat this but just in case...

Once again as per told, for more information or any offering of help, please contact Kai either on Anthroasia or MSN.

Remember, ALL are welcomed to attend.

TAKE NOTE: Please have your dinner before attending.

Polar Joe's Bday Meet

Event Name: Polar Joe's Birthday Meet
Venue: Giraffe Cafe, Plaza Singapura
Date: 22nd January, Friday
Time: To be confirmed
Gathering Area: Plaza Singapura
Organiser: Dark Lurker

It looks like we have another birthday this month and this is for the polar bear in the tropics of Singapore. It shall be held at Giraffe Cafe to commemorate the event. Those who are coming, you can either reply on this post or at other sites like AnthroAsia etc. Don't forget to bring presents for him or at least being present is present enough.

As the rules would have said:

For more information, you can contact DarkLurker on his LiveJournal or on AnthroAsia.

Fur-Bowl Meet

Event Name: Fur Bowling
Venue: Yishun SAFRA
Date: 26th December, Saturday
Time: 5:00pm
Gathering Area: Yishun Interchange
Organiser: XK Cobra Draconis

Bowling shall commence at 5:30pm.

Info: Booking will be made earlier so the deadlines for booking is on 22nd or 23rd. For those who have not been bowling before, please bring your socks as they are needed so that you are allowed to wear the shoes there. For SAFRA members, you know the drill so bring on your card to receive discounts for each game.

Extras: Those who have fursuits are welcomed to bring your fursuits to bowl at the same time to add on to the fun.

NOTE: The meeting time might change for other events such as Orchard Walk followed by a dinner before heading on to Yishun SAFRA if everyone else is free enough.  

For more information, you can contact XK Cobra Draconis on AnthroAsia

FurAffinity is back online!

With that final F5, I saw the FurAffinity Paw Thumbnail and it is online!

Now, more motivation to do more art!!


So, FurNation has somewhat claimed that they are forced to shut down by FA. All I can say is that these stuff is just crap. Another drama just blurts out of all this. True to be said that they are losing funds to run the site and all but still they do not have to create drama that will shake the furry fandom.

Each fur has their preference in the sites. Some might want to go to FurAffinity to meet friends, upload artworks and such stuff. Some may go to FurNation also for the same purpose. If we all keep to one site, the number of furry friends we can make are narrowed down. So, without further ado, try to ignore such drama that has been going on and don't get involved unless you know what you are doing.


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